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PLEASE READ if you pre-ordered at a CANADIAN EB Games location! (Archived)
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Everyone acting like their will be pleanty of Wii U's you know when Wii came out (Archived)
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My console hasnt shipped yet and the charge is still pending? (Archived)INEEDHELPWEE2511/16/2012
so what are your memorable plans on sunday when you go pick up your wii u? (Archived)
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Rumor: branded "next gen" game in development for Wii U, details inside (Archived)
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kinglink137411/16/2012 hold was removed from my account still not charged? (Archived)dukeballsosteel711/16/2012
Playing the Wii U right now (Archived)
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I'm pretty sad... (Archived)
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OPINION: Will Miiverse Defeat GameFAQs? (Archived)
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What apps will be available? Any drawing apps? (Archived)PhilBrooks_411/16/2012
Wii u launches in 2 days And It has hardly been advertised !!! WTH (Archived)
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One call from Gamestop or multiple calls ? (Archived)crazybot311/16/2012 official Wii U Storage Answers (Archived)mhunterchump111/16/2012
So, what happens with Wii transfer if your content is on an SD card... (Archived)Virus66411/16/2012
Anyone secretly hoping for a Flipnote type ap (Archived)Ericxc111/16/2012
Confirmed - play games directly from external HDD (Archived)
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So whats with the banana and the orange? (Archived)dbz_element1011/16/2012
Eurogamer NSMBU review (Archived)squatch22911/16/2012
What are my best chances getting a 2nd wave Wii U? (Archived)R_2the_Egal611/16/2012
Anyone else strongly considering getting sonic racing? (Archived)
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