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Wii U and its 1.24ghz CPU (Archived)
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I have a question for EU or AU Wii U owners PLEASE HELP its IMPORTANT (Archived)MarikoNumber35611/30/2012
I am guessing everyones system freezes up from time to time? (Archived)
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Lmao @ GAME instore prices for Wii U games (Archived)Chargrilled411/30/2012
Rumor: Reggie increases launch window so that smash bros. 4 is apart of it (Archived)
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Is it me or is the menu navigation slow on Wii U? (Archived)AdmiralBison411/30/2012
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This is the third time a "Bought a Wii U?" Poll was put up as Poll of the Day. (Archived)
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Do you think the Wii U could handle MGS: Ground Zero and Beyond Souls? (Archived)
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This whole clock speed thing is ridiculous. (Archived)digiblaster311/30/2012
This just in! My toaster ovens clock speed is faster than the wii u! (Archived)Gage59511/30/2012
PSA: How to Avoid Being Moderated on Miiverse (Archived)0NotoriousLynx0711/30/2012
Miiverse has NO official RULES ToS/ToU but it mods everything >_> (Archived)
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Is it ok to play New Super Mario Bros U in Single Player? (Archived)sonyfanboy992711/30/2012
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The Wii U is powerful, just not next gen powerful... (Archived)
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UK - Who else got their Wii U early? (Archived)
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Lack of Third Party support does not mean there won't be good 3rd party games. (Archived)superbot400611/29/2012
youtube app froze my wii. (Archived)XlYesterdaYlX311/29/2012