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Your Reaction - The next 3D Mario is actually the third Sonic Wii U game (Archived)MilesTeg42086/2/2013
Is the Black Ops community good on the Wii U? (Archived)
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I love the Miiverse! (Archived)ZeroV226/2/2013
Can I play N64 games... (Archived)Bissomoneybags36/2/2013
Looking for friends to add (Archived)
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Buying the Oracle LoZ Games has made me understand people's hype for Earthbound. (Archived)RyuVegas96/2/2013
Could the Wii U be a good reason to continue making Xbox 360/PS3 games? (Archived)TerraUniverse46/2/2013
What would be the most disappointing reveal for you at E3? (Poll)
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Media Create Sales may 20-26 (Archived)
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anyone hear if Call of Duty Ghost will be on Wii U? (Archived)
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Nintendo App? (Archived)Jim20056/2/2013
Long Load Times? (Archived)
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How much is this worth in gbp? (Archived)Freakzilla536/2/2013
Wii U Weekly Deals: Lego City Undercover / NSMBU $40, NintendoLand $28.74 (Archived)wrhd16/2/2013
Cant wait to hear some release dates for the announced Nintendo games (Archived)GoombaX96/2/2013
which companies care about used games? (Archived)YoyokuKO86/2/2013
Looks like the E3 Nintendo Direct is going to be one hour long. (Archived)Tubula86/2/2013
after looking at nintendoes 2011 e3 conference video.. (Archived)moogle69106/2/2013
According to Nintendo Germany, all three Sonic games due this year. (Archived)Wiiplayer11166/2/2013
The Best Buy stations during E3 will have 4 demos (Archived)
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