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Wii U has overscan.. PS3/360 dont. my tv cant adjust this... (Archived)
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ThE MaSTeR 33411/19/2012
i messed up big time with the wii transfer (Archived)blackxwhite111/19/2012
The HDMI Cable that came with the Wii U is low quality. (Poll)
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Disc drive noise (Archived)baramos123611/19/2012
Okay, so, need to know odds of getting one. (Archived)EstabIished611/19/2012
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Any places that are still selling a Black Wii U Deluxe? (Archived)SONIC_305311/19/2012
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Did you buy the basic set or the deluxe set? (Poll)MordecaiRocks411/19/2012
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How to use your Gamepad Mic on games (BO2) (Archived)TCJuan311/19/2012
The moderators probably gone through lots of inappropriate drawings ... (Archived)Chenmaster2211/19/2012
Stamps? (Archived)GP313211/19/2012
Why do people don't listen to me? No mass effect DLC. (Archived)omniryu811/19/2012
To anyone who gets Tank! Tank! Tank! tomorrow, i'd like some info on Story Mode (Archived)
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Good News, we can avoid firmware download! (Archived)bozo_sawborg611/19/2012
Ouch. G4tv gave the Wiii U's top flagship game, mario wii u, a 3.5 review score (Archived)
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