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So Nintendo will improve to 3-2 (Archived)
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Have the glitches in Sonic Racing been fixed? (Archived)
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To return or not return...? (Archived)ShadowF00l1012/16/2012
Should there be a Note App in the eShop? (Archived)_Taidow_212/16/2012
Is the Wii or Wii U ...making u move? (Archived)Jx1010412/16/2012
I believe MS and Sony screwed the pooch with console cycle (wii U related) (Archived)
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Wii U is just not selling on eBay, not even below retail price (Archived)
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So which games have achievements already? Which one's don't? (Archived)NewportBox100s612/16/2012
Finally found a demo unit! (Archived)
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How hard is it to get a wiiu now? (Archived)Ruca1122712/16/2012
What's with the broken English? (Archived)theofficefan99912/16/2012
I thought people knew this, but GameFAQs listed dates=/= every game coming (Archived)KI Simpson412/16/2012
Digital promotion issue, please help! (Archived)Lemmywinks13412/16/2012
How to disable MiiVerse? (Archived)
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POLL U: What position did you place your Wii U? (Poll)Jx1010512/16/2012
Why should 3rd party developers support fans when they never supported them? (Archived)NoJobBob312/16/2012
WTF !!! the left button on my Dpad fell off.... (Archived)
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To those of you who've played 007 on Wii U (Archived)raimi_ace912/16/2012