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are gold nunchuks still available from Club Nintendo? (Archived)
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A question about packaging to delux Wii U owners (Archived)
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Headset. Mind Blown. (Archived)ZHDALKER611/26/2012
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Official carrying case/travel bag is overpriced and exclusive to Best Buy. (Archived)Nate_Dihldorff511/26/2012
Can Wii U do 5.1 surround sound? (Archived)
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Do you think its annoying the Wii U can't charge its gamepad. (Archived)
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Iwata Asks: ZombiU! (Archived)CloudStrife630111/26/2012
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Will Wii U games have DLC? (Archived)
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Any launch game suggestions? Please help. (Archived)Suddy89511/26/2012
Spiega's Wii U Deluxe unboxing experience: Console review and first impressions (Archived)
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why would anybody hate Nintendo? (Archived)
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Any word on how many Wii U units were sold in North America in its first week? (Archived)LilMajerCartune711/26/2012
You UK fanboys are crazy (Archived)YoyokuKO211/26/2012
Will Wii component cables work for the wii u? (Archived)slymshady511/26/2012
Will there be a patch soon? (Archived)bladedwraith411/26/2012
@ Those of you who had bricked Wii Us and had them sent out, are you getting.... (Archived)
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