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Im glad I chose the Wii U (Archived)oOo_SOX_oOo26/10/2013
The last Free online console! (Archived)kingbadjo76/10/2013
Hopefully Nintendo has a good Nintendo E3 direct tomorrow. (Archived)YamiYugi440046/10/2013
Some people plan to video their reactions to the Direct... (Archived)SSBCandidates76/10/2013
It feel almost like christmas eve tonight. (Archived)QlJGamer66/10/2013
Ubisoft host says Wii U is "an abandoned platform" (Archived)
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Does everyone know why EA isn't supporting Nintendo? (Archived)
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Xbox: PS4 will have the same restrictions as Xbox One! (Archived)liveman78976/10/2013
Hey, anybody know of any links to any streams/liveblogs for certain stuff? (Archived)Kirazykid46/10/2013
the peripheral battle. wii-u gamepad vs. kinect (2.0) (Poll)Genericgamer66726/10/2013
Wii U vs PS4? Sony just convinced me... (Archived)Smallville12225106/10/2013
I honestly don't expect anything new tomorrow. (Archived)surferguy746/10/2013
Wow..the PS4 and XboxOne conferences actually helped the Wii U (Archived)n0matter96/10/2013
For me there is a lot riding on KH3 (Archived)QlJGamer26/10/2013
I will be sad if Retro's game isn't Star Fox. (Archived)
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Todays E3 was great... (Archived)kingbadjo16/10/2013
I hope the WiiU gets KH3 as well (Archived)Kingdancealot16/10/2013
So this Gen is going to be PS4 vs WiiU (Archived)HayashiTakara106/10/2013
If the Wii U has a price drop, which console will you be getting first? (Poll)Jacob4671976/10/2013
PC/PS4/Wii U/3DS/ Vita(maybe) (Archived)RevolutionZeal16/10/2013
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