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why would anybody pay for this crap (Archived)
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Why does Japan get Dragon Quest X while the U.S. gets stuck with Nintendo Land? (Archived)
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Who is having lots of problems with freezing? I can't even play Nintendoland (Archived)
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What the heck, guys. The Pro Controller is awesome. (Archived)Phange 2611/25/2012
Plants vs. Zombies 2 is coming out!! Think it might be released on Wii-U? (Archived)
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Can you move wii saves over WITHOUT doing a system transfer? (Archived)stop3511/25/2012
Original Wii games, as well as WiiWare and VC they look better... (Archived)ollicehunter911/25/2012
Question about wii to wii u transfer (Archived)zubiac311/25/2012
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hotline miami needs to be on the eshop (Archived)gumbyxcore99111/25/2012
any launch game i should get? (Archived)gumbyxcore99211/25/2012
So.. Sony wasn't wrong after all (Archived)
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Is it really worth ten grand? (Archived)Auction Sniper511/25/2012
External HD that just works (Archived)
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Does Wii U stay connected when turned off?... (Archived)endoflevelboss311/25/2012
Can i use wii u eshop credit to buy virtual console games? (Archived)X_ULTIMA_X411/25/2012
Nintendo is releasing a first party 320g hard drive/$79.99 (Archived)
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Anyone got a spare New Super Mario Bros U Club Nintendo code? i lost mine (Archived)weirdybeansat411/25/2012
What went wrong ? (Archived)
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motion plus worked fine (Archived)Glitz_yoshi311/25/2012