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Heres what I want Retros game to be. (Archived)
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Anybody else here not care about sales or system wars? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Game and Wario anticipation thread (Archived)Jim20026/6/2013
Any documentary about the western gaming media? (Archived)Chokusetsu56/6/2013
I wish games had more animated credits (Archived)YoyokuKO16/6/2013
E3 Nintendo Direct (Archived)
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Does anyone else absolutely love Tank! Tank! Tank!? (Archived)
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"Amnesia: Machine For Pigs"Could Be Coming To Consoles (Archived)Transdude106/6/2013
Anybody else find the blue game cases for Wii U kind of ugly? (Archived)
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Nintendo's yesterday and now. (Archived)fissionprimer66/6/2013
What are the Wii U's hidden gems? (Archived)Golden Maven76/6/2013
We get ONE game for VC this week. (Archived)Weltall54856/6/2013
What theme would be best for a Mario game? (Poll)SegavsCapcom46/6/2013
Imagiune if Nintendo was ran by Kamiya and Yamauchi... (Archived)305_King16/6/2013
What do you think we'll see at the next Nintendo Direct? (Archived)
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Remote Plus worth getting? (Archived)temgun66/6/2013
One of Hideki Kamiya's tweets in regards to Smash Bros. translates to... (Archived)Nate_Dihldorff46/6/2013
Why no KH on Nintendo home consoles (Archived)
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Do you guys buy generic Wii U game cases online? (Archived)
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Mixed signals from Nintendo on the Basic Model. (Archived)
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