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Rayman Legends closer to Origins on 360/PS3 (Archived)
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Can we stop posting about Rayman? (Archived)
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We need an Iwatannouncement (Archived)wingo8442/7/2013
Did you guys hear about the Rayman: Legends delay? (Archived)Swan362472/7/2013
I'll buy every Ubisoft game from now on if they don't delay Rayman. (Archived)Rad Link 532/7/2013
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Suggestions for a new purchase? (Archived)Lupin the 4th12/7/2013
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i love this console, i really do.... (Archived)DeathSoul200022/7/2013
We should tell Ubisoft we want Rayman this month (Archived)DiscostewSM22/7/2013
Ubisoft's stupidity is astounding, but I think I can explain it. (Archived)
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It shouldn't bother people that Rayman Legends is going multiplat (Archived)lowuw62/7/2013
You bought a Wii-U for Rayman Legends. (Poll)
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I'm so angry Rayman was delayed. (Archived)Rad Link 512/7/2013
Rayman Legends going multiplat raises questions about game mechanics (Archived)sejan1282/7/2013
Delaying Rayman lost my business... (Archived)twytch00792/7/2013
There's no way Ryaman was delayed. (Archived)Rad Link 542/7/2013
My take on Rayman. (Archived)megax1182/7/2013
You guys just don't understand the delay. It's "really about the fans" (Archived)
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What Happened with Rayman? (Archived)Newbie0082/7/2013