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So I bricked the Wii U. (Archived)
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So, I was originally going to wait to open the WiiU until Christmas, but... (Archived)DeathSnipe777111/20/2012
restock? at el paso tx??? (Archived)pepe0289711/20/2012
Just admit that nintendo royally screwed up by going cheap with the hardware (Archived)
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What other Nintendo consoles have been released in US before Japan? (Archived)X_Prowler_X311/20/2012
Wait so there is no such thing as a "bricked" Wii-U? (Archived)
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If you are from Denver and want a Wii U, I have good news for U (Archived)RandomUltra311/20/2012
So is the Wii U HDCP compliant? (Archived)ministerkataoka711/20/2012
Hopefully NIntendo isnt expecting Wii like sucess (Archived)
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av cable ? (Archived)mflare511/20/2012
The Tablet controller and the one handed gamer (Archived)
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Where do all the transfered games appear? On the wiiu menu, or the wii menu? (Archived)EmptyTome211/20/2012
wii u gamepad (Archived)Darksilver4211/20/2012
How did Netflix detect my account on my Wii U? (Archived)Evilmonster111/20/2012
The Wii U is F-ing AWESOME!! (Archived)
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So are my transferred VC games tied to the console or my Nintendo Network ID? (Archived)snae991011/20/2012
To those who don't have one yet, what game would make you want to buy a Wii U? (Archived)
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What HDD are you using? (or planning to) (Archived)Tanori711/20/2012
Is there suppose to be a loose object in the top right corner of your controller (Archived)
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I think I just broke my Wii. Help please. (Archived)screamingdevil1011/20/2012