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So. . . What games do you have right now? (Archived)
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I know the Wii U doesn't upscale Wii games, but do Wii games look better... (Archived)The Sock311/21/2012
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Having issues with setting up a wired connection. (Archived)
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The one and ONLY true problem (Archived)
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Which Nintendo Franchise Has the Best Musical Arrangements? (Poll)
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Is Nintendo finally taking online gaming seriously? (Archived)pat2001711/21/2012
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Why does Nintendo limit the amount of consoles they send to stores? (Archived)
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I'd like a Mario game that is open ended, and takes place in a fully realized (Archived)luigi33311/21/2012
GiantBomb's ZombiU score (4/5) (Archived)
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ouch part 2 (Archived)
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Will a Seagate external hard drive work on WiiU/PS3? (Archived)DeathSnipe777211/21/2012
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Favorite Princesses from fhe Mario Series (Poll)
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Digital Foundry Face Off: Mass Effect 3 (Archived)
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