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huh? the next sonic game is WiiU exclusive? (Archived)
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So after watching my first Direct i see why Wii U is struggling. (Archived)
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So basically to hate on Nintendo requires to hug EA. (Archived)excitebike6455/17/2013
There's only one logical result to this Nintendo/Sega partnership about Sonic... (Archived)BeanBeanKingdom25/17/2013
Wait, so regarding Sonic... (Archived)
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mario and sonic announced! (Archived)ninsony12105/17/2013
New Super Luigi U retail box is quite nice. (Archived)Sakurafanboy55/17/2013
Pikmin 3 ND Footage (Archived)red_bachetta25/17/2013
Nabbit's OP (Archived)
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Who's ready for New Super Mario Bros. U: The Lost Levels? (Archived)parkourboybryan65/17/2013
When is Nintendo's E3? (Archived)Rupin_Salesman25/17/2013
Is this E3 the most important one for Nintendo? (Poll)LonelyGoomba15/17/2013
How Are You Buying New Super Luigi U? (Poll)QuagsireQing95/17/2013
I liked this direct (Archived)Kentaro2125/17/2013
well nintendo just attacked the uk men (Archived)thefabregas2265/17/2013
something you can use against the troll (Archived)OtakuGamera45/17/2013
Well, that was pretty much the most pointless Direct ever (Archived)-NotoriousLynx15/17/2013
pikmin 3 comes out earlier in uk. Nintendo trying to turn gamers against (Archived)thefabregas2255/17/2013
New New Super Luigi U Footage! (Archived)red_bachetta15/17/2013
Nintendo going third-party is not necessarily bad, doesn't mean they suck. (Archived)
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