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The most hyped Wii-U game falls flat. More like Zombie P-U (Archived)
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if I preorder 3 wii u games off gamestop today (Archived)
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Polishing the Top 10 Most Anticipated Wii U Games: First Round - #3 VS #4 (Poll)
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Stores here open at 11am tommorow, what time do you think lineup will start? (Archived)squon8888211/17/2012
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Decide my 7th wiiu game. Will actually buy tomorrow with pics. (Poll)
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So.. You can cancel your pre-order at gamestop the day the game comes out, right (Archived)LotionExplosion811/17/2012
Microsoft and Sony were pitched the Wii Remote tech first, and passed on it (Archived)
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The rise of preorders in general (Archived)DrDoomsday411/17/2012
Nobody waiting in line yet at my local TRU and Wal-Mart... (Archived)
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My walmart said they only have enough for preorders? (Archived)M DAMAGE211/17/2012
Iwate on how he came up with Wii U prototype + Reggie on Digital Age (Archived)sknmak111/17/2012
Buying a TV tomorrow to play Wii U, is it a good choice? (Archived)
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Nintendo posts Wii to Wii U Transferring System Data FAQ (Archived)sknmak111/17/2012