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The horrible one dollar fee. (Archived)
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I got paid today so I will grab a Wii U tomorrow, what game should I get with it (Poll)telocaster71/23/2013
Lol Hypocrites (Archived)squatch2271/23/2013
NEW! Wonderful 101 trailer- wow (Archived)Jonbazookaboz81/23/2013
Why not just make a new Zelda game? (Archived)
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Why do I have to pay for a game i already own?! (Archived)YoyokuKO31/23/2013
Now that The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD is coming out for the Wii U... (Archived)Solnot31/23/2013
*Walks home* Alright let's see what disappointing news we got.... (Archived)surferguy781/23/2013
After 30 days, do we lose the NES games? (Archived)blinkfreak61/23/2013
Just got home from work. Yoshi's Epic Yarn? (Archived)blinkfreak41/23/2013
After Yoshi's Epic Yarn, who should Nintendo use for the next "Yarn" game? (Poll)Solnot61/23/2013
Wii U Looks Like Its Gonna Start Ripping It Up (Archived)vejeta81/23/2013
New Yoshi pics (Archived)SalsaSavant41/23/2013
E3 2011 N whatever,2012 N got served, E3 2013 revenge of the N. (Archived)Braver_Angel_7041/23/2013
Pikmin? (Archived)AwayFromHere91/23/2013
All this self-entitlement reminds me of one thing.... (Archived)DiscostewSM91/23/2013
so at some point i will be able to buy super metroid for 30 cents? (Archived)gumbyxcore9951/23/2013
I'm starting to think it's better if Nintendo stays away from online (Archived)
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According to MJC0961 we're dumb because we like zelda games at launch (Archived)KroganBallEater51/23/2013
SMT X Fire Emblem... is hard mode going to be impossible? (Archived)
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