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So, I'm getting ZombieU and NSMB, are there any others I should get at launch? (Archived)
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I'm gonna take a large ammount of sleeping pills and wake up when the wii u is o (Archived)
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The Wii-U can still be played on SDTV, right? (Archived)
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A/v cable and HDMI at the same time? (Archived)V8rmillion811/11/2012
To buy a Wii U or to not (Archived)Judgmentday09611/11/2012
Just found out that the Classic Controller Pro U is fully wireless. (Archived)
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Guys, I'm scared. (Archived)DJNfinity711/11/2012
Hands-on time at the demo kiosk was a turn-off. (Archived)dougsdad0629911/11/2012
The Poll Today is dead wrong (Archived)
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15 min promotional video (in Japanese) (Archived)WideAwake811/11/2012
Wii U Faqs translated (Archived)omniryu411/11/2012
How early should I show up? (Archived)HiberN81411/11/2012
I still think the Wii U downloads will be hardware locked... (Archived)
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Can we expect launch day game demos? (Archived)jaymart_2k211/11/2012
Looks pretty lousy to me (Archived)
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will you get Grand Theft Auto V if it gets released on the Wii U? (Poll)
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I still kind of want Madden 13 Wii U... (Archived)PotatoHog311/11/2012
How long is the adapter? (Archived)ssjmole511/11/2012
Wii U Music (Archived)Cyclical311/11/2012
Limited time? (Archived)ShadowF00l611/11/2012