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So I had my first major problem with the Wii U just now. (Archived)
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Oh god...Retro IS developing a Yoshi game... (Archived)
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The Top 7 Reasons the Wii U might win the next console generation (Archived)raimi_ace811/19/2012
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My only issue with the Wii U. (Archived)Poweranimals111/19/2012
Daily log. (Archived)XXXB0BXXX311/19/2012
My store had two people looking for wii u. how about you? (Poll)
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Anyone pre-order a Wii U from Amazon Canada know when they are shipping out? (Archived)tyrannosauryogi111/19/2012
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How is "Why don't you play it instead of looking at reviews" a valid argument? (Archived)
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Wii U freezing and buzzing while playing Nintendo land (Archived)
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Metroid Other M 2. (Archived)
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Can you rip your disc onto the hard drive? (Archived)hansolo1138411/19/2012
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**Official Wii U Friends List** (Archived)BankAMG411/19/2012
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