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It's Mario's 27th Anniversary... (Archived)
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Another factor in the drive size that may or may not be relevant. (Archived)CHAINMAILLEKID89/13/2012
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Just trolled the hell out of a gamestop employee today about Wii U! (Archived)
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Hmm, so is the Wii U going to be as hard to find as the Wii was when it came out (Archived)y00001250029/13/2012
Is there a list of day 1 game releases? (Archived)
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Since Nintendo is publishing 2 M rated games for Wii U, is there any chance... (Archived)RedHairVegeta89/13/2012
Games at 59.99 is the only thing that makes Wii U "next gen" (Archived)AssaultMonkey999/13/2012
Wii u games are priced at $59.99 (Archived)
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to those who aren't quite sold on the wii u (Archived)
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People complaining about games... (Archived)PhilBrooks_59/13/2012
Man, Im excited (Archived)
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Wii U pre-order now available at! (Archived)
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Preorders are strong, apparently. (Archived)
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To people who think that wii u going to be bad. (Archived)Basic84229/13/2012
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You know the Wii U is going to be a smashing success when... (Archived)
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