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Locking up Japanese exclusives was a brilliant move by Nintendo. (Archived)Megagunstarman19/13/2012
gamestop preorders up online. (Archived)
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Nobody cares about Pikmin. (Archived)
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007 Legends is like the only worth grabbing launch game for the Wii U. (Archived)Numbuh10059/13/2012
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So what games are you getting from the conference? (Archived)
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Wii U OFFICIALLY more powerful than PS3-360. (Archived)
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Wii U preorder listed on Amazon (regular and delux) (Archived)
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Will the Wii U be left in the dust? (Archived)VGAddict9059/13/2012
I need a summary, just got to my desk and the conference is over. (Archived)
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Awesome conference but.... (Archived)KtuluheroII89/13/2012
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The GameCube has still had the best launch of any Nintendo system. (Archived)
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Can the WiiU play Blurays or DVDs? (Archived)
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Is the WiiU barely being more powerful than 6 years old tech good? (Archived)
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