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No Trolling-I honestly think Nintendo should go third party for the home console (Archived)
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Brandy1977132/7/2013 it even worth it now? (Archived)
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Do you think Nintendo knew about Rayman or did they get trolled? (Archived)AstralUltra82/7/2013
What happened to the interesting info we were suppose to get from ign today? (Archived)
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Nintendo needs to pay third-party companies more money to keep Wii U exclusives! (Archived)Solnot12/7/2013
New Yarn Yoshi analysis (Gamexplain) (Archived)duderdude3102/7/2013
Raymon Lovers- theres always Wii Fit!! (Archived)deathsaber7942/7/2013
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Rayman... Everyone's Reaction to the news (Archived)Pendragoon82/7/2013
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Wow Ubisoft... (Archived)
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Is this the reason why Rayman wasn't shown at the last Nintendo Direct? (Archived)neo38022/7/2013
It's about time to sell my system (Archived)
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Sailor Goon112/7/2013
wiiu always online not required to play games unlike the competition, (Archived)
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Thers always Kens Rage 2 (Archived)cabcalloway198312/7/2013
Platinum has never ported a game, why would they start now? (Archived)EternalWolf32/7/2013
PETITION: Wii U third party support! (Archived)Ao99102/7/2013
No Rayman is bad for another reason...rushed games. (Archived)goemon197712/7/2013
Any news on FExSMT? (Archived)FooFighters25102/7/2013
Maybe it's out fault Rayman was delayed. (Archived)Rad Link 562/7/2013