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Why do some NOT understand that all we want is fun in our games? (Archived)
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No Club Nintendo code with ZombiU or Just Dance 4. (Archived)Shadow_Mario01611/18/2012
Having trouble sending my Mii from my 3DS to Wii U. (Archived)Jacobh7190311/18/2012
How many blocks of system memory do you get in Wii Mode? (Archived)Gavin_Rozee111/18/2012
Decided to wait until Christmas, anyone else? (Archived)Knetamight111/18/2012
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Yes, you CAN transfer multiple system data (Archived)REDofHyrule711/18/2012
Yoshi Land Wii U. (Archived)Karsticles611/18/2012
Wii U Gamepad - something rattling inside? (Archived)
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Did anyone get an error message at/near the end of their firmware update? (Archived)justsumdude8991011/18/2012
When Are We Gonna Get Classics? (Archived)GhostDog90511/18/2012
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Invalid Disc?? Seriously?? >_< (Archived)
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This needs to become reality.. (Archived)MirageMew2111/18/2012
Impressions? (Archived)staticxtreme5611/18/2012
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I think it is time for the WII U (Archived)
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Adventures in trolling scalpers (Archived)kyomagi211/18/2012