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To those with console problems, is it the deluxe model? (Archived)YoyokuKO811/18/2012
Is it possible to UNLINK a Nintendo Network ID? (Archived)Kisai111/18/2012
So I've read the Wii-U board is in chaos. (Archived)Kaliesto411/18/2012
Nintendo needs to make new Super Game Boy to play DS games. (Archived)Gamechamp3k311/18/2012
Ebay currently has nearly 3000 wii u auctions on it... (Archived)HEDGESMFG311/18/2012
Anyone else impressed with the gamepad sound? (Archived)V8rmillion511/18/2012
interested in wii u but know nothing about the games (Archived)kloud 11911/18/2012
How does hardware/performance compare w/ current generation? (Archived)jfrankparnell611/18/2012
Error Code: 108-0144 (Archived)phaces511/18/2012
is wii u in 3d or 3d capable (Archived)venom47891511/18/2012
Trine 2 or little inferno? (Archived)Parkers_Peter111/18/2012
Anyone not able to link accounts? (Archived)TheFallenPriest811/18/2012
Wii-U transfer: does it transfer the calendar play data? (Archived)Flyojumper611/18/2012
nintendoland in bundle doesn't come with club nintendo points? (Archived)Soljah111/18/2012
My Wii U lost its internet connection while downloading the update... (Archived)Japillow911/18/2012
Anyone opened up their wii u to look at the hardware? (Archived)trav3901311/18/2012
Anybody else think its cool that the pad is also a universal remote (Archived)BobbyB3000511/18/2012
Nintendoland is Brilliant (Archived)darkelfkiller1011/18/2012
Trying to complete a Wii U transfer, but the Wii is stopping it. (Archived)PalkiaGaines777811/18/2012
Wow only 3 gigs left after update?! (Archived)
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