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QUBE coming to WII U!!! (Archived)
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is faster speed all we should expect with the next system update? (Archived)TullyBlanchard64/14/2013
What Metroid need part 1 (Archived)omniryu34/14/2013
So what's next after SMT X FE? (Archived)
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Call of Duty has become casual, and Mario- harcore (Archived)
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So I just ordered zombi u (Archived)Murderstorm11744/14/2013
So, noe there is nothing on the horizon!? (Archived)
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C/D: Super Metroid is better than Symphony of the Night (Poll)
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Do you find L and R unnatural (on the gamepad) (Archived)New Link84/14/2013
I never see the $349.99 version at stores (Archived)
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Wii U sold 57k in january (Archived)ixoria74/14/2013
Where are the games? (Archived)ixoria54/14/2013
No eShop releases this week? (Archived)Pete4160854/14/2013
How do you save in Punch Out? (Archived)xxbambamxx8364/14/2013
Is this a new feature? Controlling miiverse with Wii remote (Archived)jamie000324/14/2013
DS Player for the Wii U could work... (Archived)
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Don't buy any virtual console games in Wii Mode yet (Archived)
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Poll: When a multi-plat game comes out, do you buy it for the Wii U? (Poll)Star_Nuts64/14/2013
Why aren't the cdi zeldas on virtual console? (Archived)Murderstorm11754/14/2013
Is Injustice Gods Among Us worth $59.99. The answer a Kryptonian Hell No. (Archived)
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