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Remeber when everybody was talking about how motion controls were so great... (Archived)
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Anyone who ordered the gold nunchuck not get it yet? (Archived)ssbmrocks312/12/2012
POLL: which zelda do you want the next zelda to be the most like? and why? (Poll)
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wiiu nba2k13 version better than pc and other consoles (Archived)zender19991012/12/2012
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All im saying is..(wii launch vs wii u launch) (Archived)VandorLee912/12/2012
I love my Wii U and all but how come the Wii had a quicker, faster, better OS? (Archived)Garfield64912/12/2012
Post something about the Wii U that someone might not know. (Archived)
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Final Fantasy IV...who's calling it?!!? (Archived)
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Will the gamepad work for my N64? (Archived)Wild_Studkip912/12/2012
I have no idea why the most of you are annoying about specs (Archived)40Dribylf712/12/2012
What do YOU want for a Nintendo Exclusive for Wii U? (Poll)VideoGamer1990412/12/2012
Is there any kind of restrictions on hard drives? (Archived)FinalRez512/12/2012
So why exactly is "kiddie" a bad label to have on a game? It's so overused... (Archived)
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Hooray for a Rayman demo tomorrow! Hope we get a Pikmin 3 demo soon! (Archived)liveman789112/12/2012
where the hell is my nintendo network id? ddp related (Archived)jesse7150812/12/2012
Attention All With A-button problems. (Archived)
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