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I'm dreading everything having U in the title. (Archived)
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Why didn't they call it the "Umiiverse"? (Archived)
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Aromatic Grass1111/26/2012
Who's your favorite Mario enemy? (Archived)
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Is ZombiU really like a Survival-Horror Demon's Souls? (Archived)
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Features of the Wii U you don't hear about often. (Good or Bad) (Archived)
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Games that you expect to see over the 2013 year... (Archived)
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Any girl gamers want to Wii U Chat? (Archived)
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Who here loves there wii u?(Accidently closed my last one.) (Poll)Trunks 2003911/26/2012
wii u 32gb instock for you at your walmart? (Archived)Descedent1811/26/2012
Would a Japanese game pad work with a US Wii U? (Archived)rockymin411/26/2012
Its funny how western dev ports have no new content while games like NG3/TTT2 do (Archived)
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Obligatory Imressions Topic (Tons of Text) (Archived)sejan12211/26/2012
When Do You Thin We'll Start Seeing Demos? (Archived)Doctor_Fate2000311/26/2012
This guy hit my gfs car. Should I buy a wii u with the money or fix her car (Archived)
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Questions about registering Wii U on Club Nintendo (Archived)sejan12311/26/2012
Anyone using that nyko extension charging cable ? (Archived)crazybot111/26/2012
Whatever happened to the skin in the ZombiU bundle? (Archived)Dark_Link92111/26/2012
Error 150-1091 (Archived)
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I think they should make a commercial that covers the Miiverse (Poll)P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N211/26/2012
Think it might be too late to pre order? (Archived)Tales_of_101811/26/2012