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The Next Mario Spinoff? (Archived)
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I want the classic game "Decent" to be on the Wii U. (Archived)knightimex512/24/2011
ITT: We make cheesy slogans for the Wii U (Archived)
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I have a wonderful idea for a new Metroid game... (Archived)
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Metroid Wii U game with Gears of War controls? Or what would you like? (Archived)
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Aonuma: Future Zelda games will use Skyward Sword-style controls (Archived)
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9th gen might have this... (Archived)kinglink13312/23/2011
Discussing the CPU for Wii U, POWER7 in the brain, but how much? (Archived)
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Name the last Nintendo non-handheld console you owned (Archived)
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What are thr graphics for wii and wii u? (Archived)
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What is this Downtown Tokyo Street Scene Wii U Demo? (Archived)kinglink13312/22/2011
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You know why they call it the Wii U? (Archived)
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Since the next Paper Mario is for handheld, the next M&L should be on this. (Archived)
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Everything We Know About The Wii U (Archived)CloudStrife630912/22/2011