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Wii U sells only 400000 units during Thanksgiving week? Flop? (Archived)
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Please check this auction out and lets do the math! (Archived)Storm83311/27/2012
Mario's vocab is very limited and he says the same things as the previous NSMBs. (Archived)
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Poll: Star Fox multiplayer (Poll)MechaKoopa5000811/27/2012
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I'm from the future (Archived)DaLastBoss511/27/2012
Bricked, or a misunderstanding? (Archived)EV_360511/27/2012
Too much negativity (Archived)
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Nintendo needs to make a sequel to the Best N64 game (Archived)
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Flash Drive Questions (Archived)NeilShapiro211/27/2012
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Is a SD Card required for the wii transfer? (Archived)slymshady611/27/2012
Interesting video I found about the haters for the system. (Archived)_Taidow_211/27/2012
Modded for having psn name in my profile.... (Archived)
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is this a good system for a forever aloner? (Archived)big_pimper611/27/2012
Not being able to use use the gamecube controller makes me sad :( (Archived)AlwaysFickle911/27/2012
Feature: Reinventing Nintendo's Legacy Franchises on Wii U (Archived)CloudStrife630511/27/2012
Anonymous to hack the Nintendo Network (Archived)
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