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Am I the only one that feels a little...weird just selling my Wii. (Archived)
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Do we have any information on the WiiU version of 007 Legends? (Archived)XChaosPrimeX89/24/2012
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For the next Zelda game... (Archived)
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Would you go to NintendoLand if it was a real theme park? (Archived)Fr33z109/24/2012
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TGS is kinda boring so far... (Archived)
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Why is the WiiU's launch library being considered strong? (Archived)
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Can I play Nintendoland multiplayer with a Wii U Gamepad and a Pro Controller??? (Archived)AwesomeOSauce79/24/2012
Xenoblade developer want us not to miss TGS (Archived)
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This vid sums up the people that are angry about Bayonetta 2 being Wii U only (Archived)
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Why Nintendo Land is arguably one of the most Important games Nintendo... (Archived)wingo8469/24/2012
So I got to play the Wii U at TGS this weekend... (Archived)19darkdenizen9279/24/2012
Which name is more pretentious, Reggie Fils-Aime or Apple Paltrow? (Archived)iloveheavyrain29/24/2012
If we have the Classic Controller, do we really need to buy the Pro Controller? (Archived)The Sock109/24/2012
I don't get how the hell people buy more than 3 games at once (Archived)
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Reggie Fils-Aime Would Love to See GameCube Games on Wii U Virtual Console (Archived)Ranmaru-279/24/2012
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