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Wii U will put Xbox 360 ''in last place'' when it releases. (Archived)
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Two out of three will now use 25gb discs/50gb if dual layered (Archived)
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3DS to Wii U Connection (Nintendo's Ideas) (Archived)PhantomSword16/17/2011
Nintendo's answer to the "ONE Tablet" issue... (Archived)Dirk85UK36/17/2011
Wii U Games Pulled From E3 Due to Underclocked Hardware - Report (Archived)
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Anyone else think Phantasy Star Online would do great on this console? (Archived)
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Seriously, what's wrong with the screen in the controller? Or the size? (Archived)
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Iwata says only ONE tablet controller? (Archived)
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Would it have been possible for... (Archived)Exitialis36/17/2011
Nintendo wants to keep cost low by stripping the WiiU to its barebones (Archived)bidoof0156/17/2011
Update- Wii U Dev Kit to Be Updated to Latest Prototype in Coming Weeks (Archived)CloudStrife63026/17/2011
What are the chances of Nintendo releasing a screenless controller? (Archived)
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How heavy and comfortable do you think the Wii-U controller wii be? (Archived)TNK1066/17/2011
The next Pokemon game for the Wii U should play like this: (Archived)TastyBathWater56/17/2011
1080p Graphics, Capacitive Touch Screen on the Controller, new disc format ... (Archived)
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Will it Support Bateries (Archived)jedistormtroop66/17/2011
How many serious Mario and Zelda games for WiiU until Nintendo overdoes it? (Archived)
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Wii U to support TWO controllers? (Archived)Gimea76/17/2011
Anyone else afraid Wii U may end up too much like PS3/X360? (Archived)Blk_Mage_Ctype46/17/2011
I don't see why the Wii U won't have gamecube virtual console downloads. (Archived)Dirk85UK46/17/2011