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Wii U Automatic Shutoff Feature (Archived)
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Wii U Demo Kiosk cannot (currently) play retail games. (Archived)majorscud411/10/2012
Does this NEED a sensor bar? (Archived)TheOneWhoPwnz511/10/2012
Help. Which controller do I need? (Archived)WhatRULookinAt511/10/2012
Soooo I might be having 2 Wii U's... (Archived)
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Wii U Sports proposal trailer, might need a kickstarter for this one (Archived)Tottentanz111/10/2012
Anyone else kinda wish the Pro Controller was the main default Wii U controller? (Poll)
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More intrested in Internet implications then games... (Archived)stevo6452211/10/2012
Is The Cave on Eshop day one ? (Archived)crazybot111/10/2012
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wii u going to outsell the wii (Archived)
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Whats up with Ghost Recon on Wii-u? (Archived)01Philip01511/10/2012
Helpful hint for keeping gamepad clean (Archived)KoffSyrup611/10/2012
Will Wii games run better on the Wii U? (Archived)
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Question for those who did system transfer with DSi to 3DS... (Archived)Banjo2553411/10/2012
Would you like to see more console subscription services? (Archived)KoffSyrup411/10/2012
Should I get Scribblenauts Unlimited? (Archived)KoffSyrup211/10/2012
Nintendo Land the PERFECT online game. Though U can't play it online. Sucks. (Archived)
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Called gamestop customer support about my wii u order (Archived)
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Think wii-u will now get the big games like 360/ps3? (Archived)Mindwipe77411/10/2012