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What's the best light gun game that can be bought for this console? (Archived)Big_Brownie25611/19/2012
Is there any reason Japan hates the Metroid franchise so much? (Archived)
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They need to market the Wii U better. (Archived)Chenmaster2311/19/2012
who's NOT doing the system transfer (Archived)
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Will the Wii U be able to pull off Xbox 360 graphics? (Archived)
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Can controller adapters be used through the USB ports? (Archived)airsoul87511/19/2012
E3 2013: Sony and Microsoft will introduce tablet controllers (Archived)
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Is my Friend a Wii U Hater and Troll? (Archived)
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99.99% if of people who buy Wii U do NOT read critics reviews. (Archived)iloveheavyrain411/19/2012
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