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How many Wii U's do you think sold in February? (Archived)The_Shadow_Link32/21/2013
Will the Wii U or 3DS become the new PS2? (Archived)Emerald_Melios72/21/2013
If I want a console with better graphics, should I get Wii U or PS4? (Archived)
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Having the $0.30 (free) arcade games are nice and all... (Archived)LinktoDrink92/21/2013
so here is what i gather... (Archived)Pkshootout1312/21/2013
looking forward to some monster hunter tri g (Archived)canton kid12/21/2013
Wii U board is fantastic (Archived)dennis94101242/21/2013
The Wii U is such a selfish console. (Archived)305_King52/21/2013
How is having analogs at the top good on a controller (Archived)Mixture420102/21/2013
I think a Wii U would look sexy standing next to my PS4 (Archived)
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Why the Wii U is Not Doomed (Archived)
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Just show me the games. (Archived)ArmorWolf0132/21/2013
Sonyfan boy here thoughts on WiiU and PS4 (Archived)cedricthegreat92/21/2013
MH3U Demo Tomorrow (Poll)
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Im in love with the Wii U pro controller!! (Archived)tgbyhnaa92/21/2013
SO Zen Pinbal 2 (Archived)Baha0552/21/2013
Other than the Specs.. (Archived)tgbyhnaa52/21/2013
what is your favorite 2 d platformer producer (Archived)berenddebeer92/21/2013
All people care about are graphics. (Archived)
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After the Ps4 gameplay made the X trailer look like a wii game....poll (Poll)
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