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All the long load times for everything is probably my biggest disappointment. :( (Archived)HappyBull811/19/2012
So far, this is less Hardcore than the Wii 1 (Archived)IBA_1011/19/2012
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So why don't I see any game titles in WaraWara Plaza? (Archived)Virus66411/19/2012
Help with Wii mode (Archived)
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i bought 5 Wii U and have been selling them for $600+ each (Archived)FelixTrapper811/19/2012
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Good time to bring back the BOF and MML series (Archived)Casterpk611/19/2012
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how long does it usually take to fully charge the gamepad? (Archived)neojames311/19/2012
To those ordering from Newegg... You will receive your order AFTER Thanksgiving (Archived)
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I felt guilty about buying an extra Wii U (Archived)
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