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Is it just me or does ZombiU look like it's going to be Red Steel all over again (Archived)
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How fast do you think we'll get Wind Waker on VC? (Archived)promo123311/8/2012
Does anypony know if there's going to be a My Little Pony: FiM game? (Archived)
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Any word on Best Buy (Pre-orders) ? (Archived)Jx1010411/8/2012
3TB Usb hard drive for Wii U (Archived)JonnyModlin911/8/2012
How many days will it take for Homebrew to crack Wii U? (Archived)
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New Nintendo Land gameplay, looks fun as hell (Archived)
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Tatsunoko Vs Capcom removed from retail (Archived)
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Will VC/WiiWare games be able to use external drive storage? (Archived)batwing321111/8/2012
Last chance to convince me to get Deluxe over Basic for the extra storage (Archived)
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What is the point of Scribblenauts Unlimited? (Archived)Parkers_Peter211/8/2012
Wii U Remote Plus? (Archived)promo123511/8/2012
Any word of an achievement-like system? (Archived)promo123811/8/2012
So is anyone going to freeze themselves because they can't wait? (Archived)knightoffire55311/8/2012
Quick sensor bar question (Archived)MetalGusREbirth411/8/2012
21 more days now... (Archived)kjellboy511/8/2012
Well, there goes that night (Archived)Moegitto211/8/2012
Who else is buying a White one to avoid a system with a piano black finish? (Archived)
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Will the Wii U's library have as much shovelware as the Wii did? (Archived)
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Really, WTF? Why is Nintendo doing this? (Archived)omniryu711/8/2012