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Merry Christmas. Don't ask questions. (Archived)
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Wii U shop questions (Archived)johnny_boy8462/21/2013
Who here likes the Wii U? (Poll)mutehero742/21/2013
Could you have waited 3 more years for the next-gen? (Archived)lt51962/21/2013
Nintendo makes the biggest leap so far (Archived)
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What Wii games would you recommend? (Archived)torentdragon72/21/2013
Regardless of the console you want (Archived)TheWiseOne0652/21/2013
This is probably the wrong place for this. (Archived)
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PS4 actually IS a stronger console than Wii U... however... (Archived)
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My Wii's VC is acting really strange. (Archived)CrystalKing542652/21/2013
Did anyone notice that Wii U has a Young Justice game listed (Archived)
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Interesting picture and point someone made about Photorealism vs Non (Archived)sythe34362/21/2013
Wii u club nintendo question (Archived)token_swordsman22/21/2013
Something i don't ever see in sony/ microsoft's defense (Archived)
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Who all is getting Injustice on Wii U? (Archived)
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Hey should I trade (Archived)Reece50432/21/2013
Just downloaded the monster hunter demo... (Archived)Discomaster92/21/2013
GamePad Issue question (Archived)wingo8422/21/2013
I hope Sony doesn't put all it's eggs into this "sharing" basket. (Archived)DoubleT72/21/2013
Nintendo is done (Archived)
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