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Question about main menu (Archived)trenken511/25/2012
my only real gripe is the gamepad volume (Archived)neojames1011/25/2012
can you pick which games show up in your plaza? (Archived)GaryAtEastern411/25/2012
Are the face buttons/dpad more like the DS Lite or 3DS? (Archived)Gavin_Rozee311/25/2012
So I have some questions sorta regarding the "Wii mode" (Archived)_Pingu_311/25/2012
Should I buy a Wii U? (Poll)SadCubsFan811/25/2012
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It doesnt matter? (Archived)DrEaM_420211/25/2012
My WiiU has 500gigs (Archived)MetalGearNaruto211/25/2012
Thought Gametrailers had an html5 option ? (Archived)crazybot211/25/2012
The GamePad can be used as a Wii sensor bar (Archived)ADHDguitar1011/25/2012
Wii and WiiU owners... what do you do about the double sensor bars? (Archived)
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Post pics of bad artwork you see in the plaza here... (Archived)Semi45a611/25/2012
where can i find one at face value price (Archived)Waytoodeep03311/25/2012
Wireless and Wired connection won't work for my Wii U. (Archived)Unusual_Rex811/25/2012
Can I download my VC games from the Wii U shop? (Archived)TheRobFish9111/25/2012
Quick question about Nintendo Network Premium (Archived)SexyEmoSyth711/25/2012
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