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Do you think they will add PS1 games to the Virtual Console? (Archived)
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They really shouldn't release all those games on the 18th (Archived)Sylar100410/20/2012
Played the Rayman demo at gamestop with my friend (Archived)GoombaX910/20/2012
(wii to wii u data transfer) does that include wii online game files? (Archived)redkrank1210/20/2012
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UK TV Advert (Commercial) (Archived)wingo84810/20/2012
You call him "Reggie" because you can't spell or pronounce the rest of his name (Archived)
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Full list of changes to Ninja Gaiden: Razors Edge (Archived)
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1st Wii U Commercial - Tonight on Fox during X-Factor (Archived)
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People think - mic located on controller for in-game chat is stupid (Archived)jaymart_2k910/20/2012
The first Wii U TV ad should be premiering any moment now. (Archived)Cyclical210/20/2012 (Archived)
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Which would you prefer for a new 3D Mario game? (Archived)
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Best Coop games? (Archived)Evilmonster310/20/2012
HD Plumber (Archived)
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Do you think Online Gaming has ruined "kids" making local friends to play with? (Poll)
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Star Fox Wii U (Archived)
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Let's predict how many this console is gonna sell in its first year (Archived)
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Place your bets! Online expectations and how you think things will work. (Archived)
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Will Wii games look slightly better, or the same? (Archived)dudupupu610/20/2012