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Will Wii U have voice chat for their online? (Archived)Paulf00149/4/2012
When the Nintendo Network comes out... (Archived)KaiserLeo69/4/2012
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EA says they won't make new IPs till all the spectacular next gen consoles come (Archived)
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So, how is Wii Backwards Compatibility going to work with online? (Archived)Hyrulearnia39/4/2012
Namco could possibly announce Wii U titles (Archived)
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I was always against a Pokemon MMORPG but the Wii U might make it work. (Archived)Sakurafanboy79/4/2012
SMB vs. SMB on Wii U VC? (Poll)
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Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 coming to Wii U ! ! ! : ) (Archived)
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Let's make a top 20 Wii Games list. (You vote) (Archived)
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So today is my birthday! (Turned 24 on 4th) (Archived)
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Should Nintendo return Samus to her muscular Super Metroid/Zero Mission look? (Archived)
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