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They should have made the wii u controller a portable PS Vita (Archived)solosnake26/7/2011
gaa always just enough to make the old obsolete (Archived)dchs596/7/2011
Am I the only one impressed by this? (Archived)digiblaster16/7/2011
You know wha'd be great on this? (Archived)The Adder56/7/2011
Why would they not show the new console? (Archived)
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New GTA exclusively on WiiU and 3ds (Archived)kobra0286/7/2011
Thank you for submitting your application for Wii U (Archived)Numbuh10016/7/2011
Sorry, but the controller looks EXTREMELY uncomfortable (Archived)
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And then they forgot about F-Zero for another year. (Archived)NickOfTime56/7/2011
Third party games (Archived)lewwdawg16/7/2011
I bet bioshock infinite get's put on this (Archived)DarkShadowRage46/7/2011
This system needs an Okami game. (Archived)No1Inparticular16/7/2011
The controller will be ridiculously expensive (Archived)evisceratorX66/7/2011
im gonna get it because i love nintendo games, but... (Archived)
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Xenoblade not part of NA Release List for 2011...BOO (Archived)asher161146/7/2011
Confirmed: Wii U Will Be 1080p (Archived)B3ASTED96/7/2011
Perhaps the physical build of the console isn't finalized. (Archived)GanonsSpirit46/7/2011
For the last time (Archived)Netrunui116/7/2011
So Wii U still using the Wii mote? (Archived)Iceyflame46/7/2011
For the people who are hating The Wii U.... (Archived)
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