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Played Wii U today at Nintendo World, graphics are insane. (Archived)
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There is a mic built into the Wii U gamepad, kinda like DS/3DS. (Archived)
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Honestly, Do you really care if the online isn't perfect? (Archived)
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Nintendo Land could possibly bring more people into the core gaming community. (Archived)mmarkster410/20/2012
Simultaneous Multi-tasking? (Archived)
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Is the picture on the gamepad interlaced or progressive? (Archived)jokingpeo810/20/2012
Sending my gamecube in for repairs (Archived)KrisIsLyra510/20/2012
Is it not ok to (Archived)Madrox23510/20/2012
I would love to see a Pokemon Hunter Wii u game like this! Would u? (Archived)AXKSION710/20/2012
Which would you prefer? (Archived)ColorfulColors910/20/2012
Sending my dreamcast in for repairs (Archived)highwayman1739510/19/2012
Played a Wii U demo kiosk at Gamestop today (Archived)
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I hear that the Wii U does not support party chats. (Archived)AxelPoe110/19/2012
Does the Wii CCP work with Wii U games that use the Wii U Pro? (Archived)Jiryn710/19/2012
Demo units at Target? (Archived)Jman1236310/19/2012
Best buy demo stations (Archived)Mysngh110/19/2012
Sending my PS2 in for repairs. (Archived)
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Been playing Pikmin 2 on the Wii and... (Archived)Suddy89210/19/2012
I'm getting this at Launch (if i can) (Archived)omniryu210/19/2012
Im still undecided................... if to keep my Wii U (Archived)Jx1010310/19/2012