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Will the Wii U have technical difficulties at launch like the Wii did? (Archived)
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God I feel bad for people that bought ZombiU (Archived)
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do i need a tv at all to play? (Archived)
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Happy Wii U Day everyone!!! (Poll)cam0is0cool511/18/2012
What's the verdict on Epic Mickey 2's controller options? (Archived)MechaKoopa5000411/18/2012
Does wiiU have a trophy/achievement alternative? (Archived)damonlufc511/18/2012
Stuck on white Wii U screen (Archived)IrishSJ23511/18/2012
What places will be renting out Wii U games? (Archived)starman98211/18/2012
So is Nintendo Land a fun game? (Archived)NeWsKiLLz211/18/2012
Destructoid Review. (Archived)cavebear56211/18/2012
Nintendos last home console I hope (Archived)QT31416911/18/2012
The Wii U... it's good but can it match the CELL processor? (Archived)
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Any way to purchase the "Premium Club" thing when I bought an 8GB? (Archived)killer_chaos211/18/2012
Update - How Long? (Archived)jaymart_2k511/18/2012
When is the Wii U coming out in Europe and how much does it cost? (Archived)Solnot211/18/2012
Who else is waiting for a Wii U with bigger storage? (Archived)LIsJustice211/18/2012
I got ZombiU and NSMBU because they were the only ones I knew about. Bad choice? (Archived)3khc411/18/2012
Wii U + Vizio TV (Archived)ButteredToast891011/18/2012
I feel bad for anyone that paid upwards of $800-$1,000 for a Wii U (Archived)GM_611/18/2012
Do I really have to wait until the gamepad is charged to turn on the console? (Archived)Jewtiful Joe711/18/2012