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girls dont game anymore or girls only use handhelds
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Nintendo of Europe laying off 320 people
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Sonytendo128/29 9:53AM
I'm getting really worried now that Mewtwo won't be in smash bros 4.Tadamoto688/29 9:50AM
Nintendo needs to make a NEW wii uMurderstorm11748/29 9:43AM
How is it bad to not want Nintendo to drop the Wii U?
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Any of these games support widescreen?
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Will this harddrive work on WiiU?Dev44588/29 9:34AM
My wallet is now hurting (Thanks, Nintendo) ;( (Closed)KenshinXSlayer58/29 9:34AM
amiibo questionKuebel3318/29 9:30AM
Think we can register Amiibos on Club Nintendo?Shadow_Roxas_28/29 9:27AM
What do Amiibos even do?PhaseBlack58/29 9:24AM
Amiibo up for pre order on Amazon.HeroC11458/29 8:57AM
I wish I had somebody to play Mario with
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Jx1010128/29 8:43AM
Do you think the Amiibos will be worth collecting?moemoney21078848/29 8:30AM
YR: "New" Wii U with exclusive gamesATTNDuelists108/29 8:26AM
Do you play Wii U or Wii games on your Wii U more often? (Poll)toidiedud108/29 8:16AM
Nintendo will be aggressively bundling again for the holidays. MK or 3DW w NLpikachupwnage38/29 8:04AM
We (Europe and US) should be due a general Nintendo Direct soon.Nin3DSFan88/29 8:01AM
When to expect: Nintendo Wii U WWE Exclusive Video Game. ?
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will you buying Amiibo figurines?
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