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Rumor: Nintendo Wii U = free patches, Xbox $40,000 per patch. (Archived)
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Does the Wii U allow installing disc bought games to the internal HD? (Archived)GAMER_X_REVIVAL511/18/2012
If Nintendo is the 1st party and Ubisoft is 3rd party, who is 2nd party? (Archived)
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Can you play Wii games on tablet? (Archived)goeli311/18/2012
How do Wii games run and look? Can I transfer save data from SD card? (Archived)BatrozX111/18/2012
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No call from Gamestop (Archived)
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7.0 ZombieU Edge review is lame score. 70 = C in my high school! (Archived)
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SSSB/MKW data transfer? (Archived)JoshDrmr511/18/2012
Looks like not many ppl want a wii u yet (todays gamefaqs poll) (Archived)
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Wal Mart Toronto (Archived)80_ShyGuise_08211/18/2012
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