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Walmart midnight release question. (Archived)
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Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition trailer.(spoilers, boss is shown) (Archived)CloudStrife630811/15/2012
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Pokemon Fans unite!! (Archived)
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Wii to Wii U transfer question: Will Wii Shop data be transferred? (Archived)15RC811/15/2012
Is the deluxe bundle going to be available post-launch window? (Archived)Godstriker8411/15/2012
Is the Deluxe Wii U Limited edition? (Archived)TheOneWhoPwnz1011/15/2012
Does Gamestop require you to show ID with your preorder receipt? (Archived)shooterfan22611/15/2012
Full launch line up REVIEWs LIVE on IGN. (Archived)
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Black ops or zombie u? (Archived)cactusjac7711/15/2012
Wondering about sound set up? (Archived)V8rmillion111/15/2012
Will this be a good single player console? (Archived)KainDjinn511/15/2012
Buy it, Rent it, or F*** it: Call of Duty Black Ops II (Archived)
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Did you make space for your Wii U yet? (Poll)
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Do you think Wii U will have a VGA type connection in the future? (Archived)knightimex411/15/2012
To what extent do you have to budget for the Wii U? (Poll)
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Has anyone tried the WIIU pro controller? (Archived)agentjonny2579811/15/2012
So I got to try one today...impressions inside! (Archived)KoffSyrup511/15/2012
Where to pick up the WiiU (Archived)Shadow_Sniper161011/15/2012
Is there even anything at all to play online at launch? (Archived)
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