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I know Nintendo wants to keep the VC as "pure" as possible, but... (Archived)
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CONFIRMED. These topics suck. (Archived)muffinmasher64/3/2012
I like Wii U (Archived)JackTheRimmer24/3/2012
I'm tired of all these "confirmed" topics. (Archived)28the_King2874/3/2012
Random Number Generator I used guessed what Next Gen will be in terms of power (Archived)
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What would you perfer a regular 2d mario game for wii-u or super mario sunshine. (Archived)
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Alright guys just give me a price range now that we've got a date. (Archived)
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For all those saying the Wii U is more powerful than the PS3/360 (Archived)
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ya know, even though i have a Wii, but i doubt that the Wii U will be any good.. (Archived)bluegirlfriend64/3/2012
If, for some reason, the Wii U loses steam,this is what Nintendo should do: (Archived)
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What is the minimum Gamestop takes when preordering a system? (Archived)hellbringher44/3/2012
Wii U to release Nov 18, 2012? (Archived)Kazgotflred44/3/2012
I don't know what to believe of the specs of the Wii U. (Archived)mmarkster74/3/2012
OPINION: I'm glad for now there's no rumors about Nintendo implementing... (Archived)Lord_Diablo1394/3/2012
What would you like to see from Next Level Games? (Archived)yoshiyo18774/3/2012
Gamesindustry did the article on Digital Foundry (Archived)kinglink1334/3/2012
If Wii U is getting Assassin's Creed III, it's probably getting.... (Archived)
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just a thought but how would 2 player couch co-op games work? (Archived)
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I'm praying for Earthbound on the Wii U. (Archived)
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CONFIRMED: WiiU will make sandwiches and create force fields. (Archived)
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