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Anyone else get the sense that Wii U may be the end of Nintendo :\ (Archived)
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Elebits on Wii U. (Archived)
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Know what would make nintendo land even better? full version nes games as arcade (Archived)knightimex109/8/2012
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I really, really hope Nintendo stops holding back so many games from NA this gen (Archived)
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Some clarification on the controller/s? (Archived)Rockman_forever69/8/2012
I honestly don't see the point in not getting a Wii U (Archived)
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Of any nintendo exlusive series, which would you like to see remade? (Archived)Rockman_forever39/8/2012
High Voltage Software survived the Wii, their next game is...... (Archived)
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Is Mario fatigue setting in? AKA How Mario lost his smile (Archived)
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They should make a new Famicom Jump! RPG (Archived)Devilman_Amon39/8/2012
Anyone else feel like the Wii U is gonna be pretty cool :\ (Archived)Tempest717109/8/2012
PS3 and Xbox 360 Beta Testing BS Infinite, Polished Wii U Version to Follow (Archived)
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So this is what is worth 25 Grand to buy? (Archived)
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will you need wii peripherals for backwards compatibility (Archived)gumbyxcore9969/8/2012
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So what do you think the difference in the 3 Price SKUs are? (Archived)Jiryn39/8/2012
will this thing have a virtual console (Archived)gumbyxcore9959/8/2012
I honestly don't see the point in buying a wii u (Archived)
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