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Horrible move by Nintendo. (Archived)
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WII U Joke thread (Archived)
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Seriously, what is the official abbreviation of the Wii U? (Archived)Virtual_Console96/7/2011
So basically it's like DS with upper screen being powerhouse HD (Archived)YermomHoudini16/7/2011
I'm calling it now: Wii U = DS Gigante (Archived)Urahara Kisuke36/7/2011
It could be called the Nintendo Trannyapple (Archived)Dahaganu16/7/2011
According to Nintendo: 1, 64 GB SDXC + 4, 64GB USB drives =320 GB MAX? (Archived)
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so the wiiu is essentially a "wii hd" with an advanced ccpro thrown in the mix? (Archived)donkeypunch111686/7/2011
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