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really zombiu really? (Archived)wolfebanes711/18/2012
Record number of power outages!!! (Archived)
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Broken Gamepad? (Archived)TwiztidJackel211/18/2012
Got a bunch of questions about the Wii U (Archived)Jedthehead91211/18/2012
When will the Wii U's Ambassador Program launch like the 3DS'? (Archived)iGenesis1011/18/2012
So the wii storage on the wii u is still limited to 512mb? (Archived)RaisinBizzle211/18/2012
Controller not syncing to the system (Archived)iloveheavyrain311/18/2012
Nintendo Network ID (Archived)Anorhc411/18/2012
stuck at adding user help! (Archived)rpgfayth211/18/2012
E-shop is damn awesome. (Archived)pikachupwnage211/18/2012
Why is there only x amount of "blocks" on the Wii Channel? (Archived)Garbage_Day911/18/2012
Need help! Wii U gamepad not synching with Wii U console (Archived)dolabla611/18/2012
how many ppl were at your store? (Archived)
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Mass Effect 3 Question Spoilers kinda (Archived)TcidenebT811/18/2012
Trolls who will admit they bought one for their pleasure. (Archived)b1gt0ne111/18/2012
Is Hulu Plus working?i (Archived)MirageMew2411/18/2012
Profile comment has been hidden by an administrator. (Archived)
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What is better? HDMI Cable or HD Component Cable? (Archived)
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Where can I pick up a Wii U? (Archived)II_Neon_II511/18/2012
How fast is you internet? (Archived)suzukimatsui211/18/2012
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