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Using a/v and hdmi cables at the same time (Archived)wilt_teller311/29/2012
Any chance Okami HD will release on eshop next year? (Archived)csalvi42311/29/2012
Playing games strictly on the gamepad screen (Archived)
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Bloomberg confirms that the Wii U will be up against the new Xbox in a year (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
How is Gamestop's online service? (Archived)LordDarkrai411/29/2012
Can watch videos through an external harddrive? (Archived)mjj777511/29/2012
Is the Wii U more mature friendly than the Wii?? (Archived)
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I can purchase an additional Wii U unit, is it worth it to resell? (Archived)Cade66691011/29/2012
wow... worst question asked at a Best Buy (Archived)
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Wii U apps (Archived)fa113nH3r0711/29/2012
any news on the cpu speed? (Archived)
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To all the EU/AU and soon to be new owners... (Archived)xLexLuth0rx1011/29/2012
I STILL can't connect to Wi-Fi [Error 103-1005] (Archived)RJtheRedRanger211/29/2012
Trine 2 WiiU couldn't run on 360 or PS3 (Archived)Castleman21011/29/2012
Yoshi Wii U board opened up. I claimed it, suckers. (Archived)0NotoriousLynx0611/29/2012
Countdown for European launch! (Archived)
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All this talk about Wii U being more or less powerful than 360/PS3 is irrelevant (Archived)
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Is Nintendo still releasing a patch this week? (Archived)Poweranimals611/29/2012
For anyone who is 30-40 years old,here is a laugh for you........... (Archived)
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Wii Speak (Archived)Systamix911/29/2012
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