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Frozen. Need help (Archived)Maggot411/18/2012
Is there an overabundance of Wii U's? (Archived)Squished_Mario511/18/2012
8 and 32gb memory (Archived)jimmiescoffee711/18/2012
Probably not, but do points on my 3DS share to my Wii U? (Archived)Mega__Man211/18/2012
Can anyone confirm... (Archived)s2good1011/18/2012
So how does this stand against Xbox360 exclusives? (Archived)Batistute1011/18/2012
I wasn't planning on buying one today.. But I Just Got Home with a Wii U Deluxe! (Archived)
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Kitt Thrust3311/18/2012
So I impulsively bought one and got the last one at Best Buy... (Archived)Mega__Man611/18/2012
Momiji coming to Razor's Edge for free (Archived)
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Thinking about getting this system, questions and stuff. (Archived)Xeeh_Bitz311/18/2012
So for those of us wh ordered at gamestop.com (Archived)Mindwipe77311/18/2012
Anyone have sonic and sega allstars racing yet? (Archived)waluigifan1111/18/2012
49 minutes (Archived)GigaVolts611/18/2012
Nintendo Wouldn't Allow Gamestop to have midnight release (Archived)
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How many games are compatible with the Pro controller? (Archived)wvnative03311/18/2012
Acheivment/ Trophy system? (Archived)thejacer911/18/2012
I can afford 2 launch titles. Which two should I get? (Archived)r7gerrabbit511/18/2012
Did the transfer format your old wii memory? (Archived)R_O_B_Sentry411/18/2012
Question about transferring Wii data (Archived)ssjlinkx311/18/2012
I cant wait till the U is dissected (Archived)
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