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Will the Wii U sell more than fifty million? (Archived)MathewManson912/8/2012
Can't change options in Wii mode, wtf? (Archived)Mad Mage612/8/2012
Nintendo is kind of shooting themselves in the foot if the NDA thing is real (Archived)Sylar100712/8/2012
Si this one doesn't come with a Wiimot eincluded huh? (Archived)Shinra-Army712/8/2012
Has SE just given the West a giant middle finger or what? (Archived)
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I'm thinking of buying a Wii U game, any suggestions? (Archived)
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Why are all the deluxe sets only available in black? (Archived)
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The Monster Hunter 3G bundle just dropped in Japan today (Archived)earvcunanan512/8/2012
Europeans cannot buy or view 18+ content at certain times (Archived)
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Wiiu Not finding my external hard drive any help? (Archived)megaflame2233712/8/2012
Videos about the Wii U eshop blocking M rated 18+ games and trailers (Archived)HellsingOrg612/8/2012
Are the servers down? (Archived)Kisai212/8/2012
Parental Controls: Let me do what I want (Archived)poo111111111111312/8/2012
If you liked the SNES, then you liked jrpgs (Archived)
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Is there a physical copy of Darksiders 2?? (Archived)autoalchemist62612/8/2012
European eshop - forced parental control. (Archived)omniryu212/8/2012
Bioware: Mass Effect Trilogy might come to Wii U (Archived)
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3d Mario Game (Archived)its_matt512/8/2012
PS4/720 advantage over the Wii U (Archived)
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i think razors edge just trolled me (Archived)FlyinTonite212/8/2012
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