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Yeah, someone needs to ask Nintendo about using more than one of these things. (Archived)crazybot16/7/2011
Only able to use 1 tablet at a time? (Archived)code_of_conduct76/7/2011
Hello, I come from the future. (Archived)Zike_The_Fox86/7/2011
Nintendo's next console name better contain the word "see"... (Archived)n0matter56/7/2011
There better be a black one at launch. (Archived)Gavin_Rozee16/7/2011
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Japanese Garden demo was using Unreal Engine? o.o (Archived)UnknownToaster66/7/2011
I will buy this system IF it has a great online network/gets rid of friend codes (Archived)
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how many players does u support? (Archived)lizard8128826/7/2011
I really don't know how I feel right now. (Archived)dougsdad062936/7/2011
Wii U Specs (Leak?) Up for speculation. (Archived)
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Has any other console announcement produced this much confusion? (Archived)coldwine26/7/2011
Anyone remember the Sega Game Gear? (Archived)
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Um...Nintendo..... (Archived)Archon52286/7/2011
Two developer Round Tables!! (Archived)GuitarGuruu1646/7/2011
Battery life of the controller? 30 minutes MAX? (Archived)knightimex76/7/2011
A Zelda Four Swords game would be awesome with this controller!! (Archived)Majora00626/7/2011
so how many controllers does this system need? (Archived)jgok86/7/2011
Did anone else saw the ZELDA GAME trailer for Wii u? (Archived)pretty_boy42002106/7/2011