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What's the best launch title? I can only afford one (Archived)
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In-game cheat codes still around? (Archived)
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For those in doubt: Wii U impressions. (Archived)
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47.06 Skylanders Giants on Amazon (Archived)FAT____MAN311/23/2012
wait you could run other apps while game is paused? (Archived)apocalyptic_4611/23/2012
Hey bruhs (Archived)Brohemian211/23/2012
Wii U has horrible, slow CPU (Archived)
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You know what's kinda sad? (Archived)
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can the wii u pad play wii games? is the wii classic control compatible on wii u (Archived)AlwaysFickle211/23/2012
Do you think the Wii-U will ever get solid third party support (Archived)
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Is it okay to leae a disk in the WiiU? (Archived)bskiffington811/23/2012
ShopTo.net Pre Order (Archived)InceptionCat511/23/2012
Sorry if was already asked; Regarding Basic and Deluxe System set (Archived)
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I wish this game's music was as infectious as 3D Land's (Archived)SkriblZz911/23/2012
Please help. Connecting to a college Wi-Fi network. (Archived)ZHDALKER711/23/2012
Playing the Wii U will make you a poo fetishist (Archived)P_A_N_D_A_M_A_N211/23/2012
People that keep talking about bringing that gamepad into the bathroom are cool. (Archived)Gnarkill03211/23/2012
How are the gamesaves?? (Archived)tgbyhnaa611/23/2012
So now that the dust has settled, I do find the Wii U somewhat disappointing. (Archived)
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Something I'd definitely like to see added. Gamecube did it. Wii U can too (Archived)Apex0913511/23/2012
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