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Will the snes controller become available once more on club nintendo?xenohorse11/27 1:27AM
Have you bought a hori fightpad yet?
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Has Nintendo hit it's peak with the Wii U?
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What is your opinion on Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
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What's so bad about Skyward Sword?
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Has anyone had the error code 150-1031 on their WiiU? None of my games work?UltimatePTG61/27 12:02AM
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Will there ever be another Nintendo World store
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Goddammit Nintendo you better have another direct in February.
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Would you be upset with Nintendo if they don't announce Metroid Wii U at E3? (Poll)
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Worst Nintendo Character(s)
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The wait continues volume 6xoftheuniverse11/26 10:11PM
Wii Backup Save from PC to WiiU?Silbe41/26 10:11PM
Difficulty questioncirca198141/26 10:04PM
Can't use the pro controller for final fight 3 to play a 2 player game.wintrepunk61/26 9:46PM
Why does the wii have better 3rd party virtual console support than the wii u?
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You might enjoy or dislike Nintendo's games, but their music is still top notch.SolomonBenDavid41/26 9:33PM
It's not about the companies or the franchises, just about the gamesSolomonBenDavid71/26 9:25PM
Pushmo/Pullblox does not get enough creditSolomonBenDavid51/26 9:17PM