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I've been playing Harmony of Dissonance...
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Maybe Nintendo should give away a free game to get people into series.
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PS4Warrior2310/23 1:50PM
I wish Wii U had more 3rd party support.Nemerlight210/23 1:49PM
About the Xenoblade series...
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detchibe2310/23 1:45PM
PSA: Smash Bros. Direct today!Megamushroom6661010/23 1:42PM
Fun Floppic: 2016 Nintendo announce console twice as powerful as Ps4/Xb1Darkside_Shadow910/23 1:32PM
Slender: The Arrival hitting Wii U?slyman19210/23 1:29PM
Is there any benefit to owning more than one amiibo?
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What snacks/beverages will you get for Bayo 2 weekend?
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OFFICIAL SSB DIRECT PREDICTION topicbernbebeer810/23 12:44PM
External Hard Drive helpGP313510/23 12:32PM
DKC2 on eu VC is 50hz PAL version.
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Tenchi UK3010/23 12:18PM
Is AE games a nintendo made joke, to get back at EA games?bernbebeer510/23 12:11PM
Do you think Rosalina from "Mario Galaxy" will get her own spin off?
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GGuitarGuy953810/23 12:07PM
Why is Minecraft not on Nintendo's platform?iPr0kkaFTW410/23 12:05PM
Smash Run is still a better mode than the Wii U exclusive modes
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The_Shadow_Link1810/23 12:05PM
WAY too many GC controllers for just one game, even Smash. GC VC coming soon?shlaguedweir510/23 11:58AM
"We want to save money" or "spend money wisely"docman864710/23 11:38AM
There are only four Wii U games to look forward to for the rest of the year
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Virtual_Console5810/23 11:27AM
Is it fair to compare the Wii U to Xbox One and PS4?
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That_Damn_Kid1610/23 11:09AM