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Is Super Mario Universe confirmed? (Archived)Poweranimals710/23/2012
Different Gamepad controller... (Archived)WideAwake310/23/2012
Will 3rd party Wii U games receive price drops like 360 and PS3? (Archived)Frison11310/23/2012
The Pro Controller will offer a staggering 80 hours of battery life on a single. (Archived)
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Less than a month away and still no hype? (Archived)Murderstorm1171010/23/2012
Will the existing Wii VC Library be available in the eShop? (Archived)SmashBro25510/23/2012
Didn't realize launch was so soon. What exclusives should I be looking at? (Archived)
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The BB/GS demo (Archived)Grimman5000210/23/2012
VERY important topic. I demand that you read and agree. (Archived)
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Nintendo! Why you no release Wii XL? (Archived)Chas3Th3Dr3am410/23/2012
Your Reaction..... (Archived)SS4_Namreppiv410/23/2012
transferring from Wii to Wii U (Archived)stop3410/23/2012
Sony, Xbox was behind Gamefaqs site being down because of "too much Wii U Love" (Archived)iloveheavyrain1010/23/2012
First in the World to buy a Wii U? (Archived)
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I just realized, I might have met Trifoce Johnson before at PAX East (Archived)CrystalKing5426210/23/2012
Im guessing That what ever problems Ubisoft had with AC3 on Wii U are fixed (Archived)StickMen1090610/23/2012
I love the 'headset only' requirement. (Archived)sting__art1010/23/2012
Play the WiiU as soon as you can,,,,,,,, (Archived)b1gt0ne510/23/2012
Button size (Archived)MetalGusREbirth410/23/2012
How is the 720/ps4 going to make games better than WiiU?? (Archived)
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