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I wont be buying the Wii U until Smash Bros comes out. (Archived)
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You can now pre-order Wii U accessories at GS (Archived)bloodthirstfury29/14/2012
Does no one else think that Bayonetta 2 being exclusive is HUGE news? (Archived)
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The 720 and PS4 will have way better hardware than Wii U (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Where are the Nintendo Network details? (Archived)PhaseBlack59/14/2012
Do you think that the WIi U will be hard to get at launch and afterwards? (Archived)Hucast989/14/2012
Does it piss anyone else off the new awesome Wii U Pro controller doesn't work (Archived)Garfield6469/14/2012
is it true the wii u doesnt come with a sensor bar? (Archived)
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Did you Pre-order yet? (Poll)darkqueenhelba109/14/2012
At least launch day wont be as nuts (Archived)oOo_SOX_oOo19/14/2012
Will Black Ops 2 be published by only Treyarch? (Archived)boxdude12339/14/2012
Nintendo goes on a revival spree of cancelled/rumored to be cancelled games (Archived)
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What's so fun about Monster Hunter? (Archived)
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It's funny when you see both of these comments in the same post: (Archived)blundermine49/14/2012
My take on the Wii U (Archived)D1Tremere29/14/2012
how many controlers? (Archived)memo76109/14/2012
To confirm once more... (Archived)Ultimate_Nova_X49/14/2012
Games with competitive/co-op online multiplayer? (Archived)AnatomyHorror59/14/2012
Hopefully Bayonetta is just the beginning (Archived)DrLobotomy59/14/2012
Which games can be played solely on the game pad's display with no TV? (Archived)The_Schoolist99/14/2012
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