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Won't PS4 and XBOX 720 be able to up their specs ? (Archived)
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Analyst: Wii U "arriving 2 years too late", has "dumbest name ever" (Archived)
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I want that one over-the-top FPS (Archived)YoyokuKO36/13/2011
So The Wii U wont support up to 4 players on one system? (Archived)Shadowblade32086/13/2011
When will people realize... (Archived)
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If the Wii U is so much more graphically powerful than PS3/360.... (Archived)Shovel_Break46/13/2011
Would anybody be up for a sequel to Bomberman 64: The Second Strike for WiiU? (Archived)Izick_the_Spy86/13/2011
Wii U is set for one uneven, wonky online system (Archived)
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I was trying to think of a cool name that still has 'wii' in it... (Archived)Fanch23416/13/2011
Wii U = Wii Ultra (wild speculation/blind guessing) (Archived)BigJon144856/13/2011
Question: Does the new controller have an on screen pointer? (Archived)RyuNinjaDog46/13/2011
is it too late for pressure sensitive triggers? (Archived)
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You think they will still design games with the Wii controller(or WMP) in mind? (Archived)WiltISdaBEST26/13/2011
I think history has shown $300 is the key pricepoint. (Archived)crazybot36/13/2011
Possible reasons for 1 tablet per console: (Archived)blundermine16/13/2011
Series continuations you want to see... (Archived)hollow-sasuke26/13/2011
I don;t think it;s necessary to have 4 Wii U controllers. (Archived)
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I seen Mario party 9 trailer, my worst fear almost came true (Archived)
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imagine how the new controller would work for a new retro studios metroid game (Archived)AceMos46/13/2011