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Nintendo Beem? The Next Console name (Archived)Final_fantasy7876/6/2011
No point in buying a wii2 if it's on par with ps3 and 360 graphically. (Archived)
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ITT: Post what Jack Tretton would say (Archived)martyoytram26/5/2011
Where can I go for prerecorded footage of Nintendo's press conference? (Archived)clawshot5276/5/2011
I predict Cafe will cost FIVE HUNDRED AND NINETY NINE US DOLLARS, $100 gamepads (Archived)
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Controller idea (Archived)ImJordan36/5/2011
Reality = N64 : Dolphin = Gamecube : Revolution = Wii (Archived)
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To everyone complaining about the direction Nintendo took with Wii. (Archived)
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The real name? (Archived)
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Touchscreen controller with camera confirmed...... (Archived)Atlantic_City76/5/2011
wow seriosly..... (Archived)deimos9126/5/2011
With a touchscreen controller that could mean... (Archived)funkymonkey471066/5/2011
If Nintendo doesn't impress at E3 then Nintendo will be another Dreamcast. (Archived)
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cafe will release this year in north america, that is what (Archived)zender199986/5/2011
Remember leading up to the Revolution/Wii's release? (Archived)WhiteSoxBud46/5/2011
The wait is killing me... (Archived)Soccer_is_Best66/5/2011
Jagex working with nintendo to bring runescape to Consoles? (Archived)Aliceinchains7626/5/2011
Get ready for the Nintendo Beem. (Archived)
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anyone else concered about internal memory? (Archived)abort_mission36/5/2011