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You gotta admit, this is a funny Link diss... (Archived)
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Everytime I see that "over 9000" video I think Nintendo vs Sony & MS. (Archived)knightimex36/16/2011
Monolithsoft New Project? ~Thread of Baten Kaitos III Wishes~ #1 (Archived)singapore pokemonfan86/16/2011
Another problem with the Wii U... (Archived)Sandman77887836/16/2011
if gamestop does a trade in of $30 or more then gc compatability doesn't matter (Archived)Fanch23446/16/2011
Imagine these two possibilities. (Archived)foxarocious106/16/2011
Wii U System Specs Leaked Supposedly!!!!!! (Archived)
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Metroid (Archived)TheBrilliantMan76/16/2011
I want 4 player local multiplayer (Archived)
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sorry nintendo, the syllables do not flow (Archived)
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Etrian Odyssey Wii U (Archived)shampoowarrior26/16/2011
"you already have a box that plays Blu Rays" (Archived)
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Why can't nintendo just tell me the price of the wii u I want to pay it off NAO! (Archived)knightimex26/16/2011
stop releasing white consoles (Archived)
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im glad it doesnt play dvds or bluerays, are u? (Archived)
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What generation of console is this? (Archived)
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It's an HD Wii? (Archived)purekorn96/16/2011
Don't worry guys, I gots a plan. (Archived)
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Everytime i look on gamefaqs, for some reason I read the Wii U (Archived)Kenta_PKMN36/15/2011
I can't stop thinking of how awesome Saint's Row 3 would be on the Wii U (Archived)KarmicAwesomeDJ106/15/2011
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